Parking Systems
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Parking Systems

As the number of vehicles within the big cities are always increasing finding a parking spot become the major concern for the vehicle driver, the lack of number of parking spots make some drivers to violate the traffic regulation which lead to congestions in streets, stress and other related issues and as they said " no matter what you did, there will be always shortage in number of parking spaces".

In order to minimize, in sometimes eliminate, such problems it has become a must to pay special attention to parking facilities and find solution to maximize the utilization of those facilities for being the main reason for traffic problems.

IDEX Services provide a suite of solutions and products that were designed to enhance the parking experience and help in solving many issues related to parking while taking in consideration the environmental and security issues and concerns.

IDEX service has extensive experience in designing and implementing different parking systems, which can be integrated together to provide the client with single monitoring for all systems.

Parking Guidance System
LED Lighting for Parking Facility
Pay Parking Solution
Vehicle Counting Systems
Physical Security
Parking Access Control
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19 July 2016

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